Pakistani celebs up the ante in battle against coronavirus, urge fans to practice caution

Pakistani celebrities have taken to social media to urge their fans to be responsible citizens and exercise caution, as the novel coronavirus continues to spread in Pakistan and across the world. 

Actor Adnan Siddiqui, who recently returned from a trip to the United States, has gone into self-isolation. He said: “Before anyone says anything, I have decided to lock myself in my room for 14 days.

“I will eat homemade food, I will not meet anyone, and I will conduct all meetings from this room,” he added.

“As a citizen [of Pakistan], I should be aware of my responsibilities,” Siddiqui added.

On the other hand, former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar also spoke of preventive measures that needed to be taken to contain the spread of the virus. “Everyone needs to be cautious. The public should avoid large gatherings and try not to meet people a lot,” he said.

“Wash your hands frequently,” he said, noting that it was a little bit of time but “please get through it”.

“Coronavirus spreads really rapidly; there’s only one way to save yourself from coronavirus: Stay safe!”

Leading actor and campaigner Mahira Khan warned people “not [to] be careless”.

“We can really help the situation by being aware and taking care of simple things,” she said.

Khan had earlier tweeted a reminder to practise self-isolation as well. “This is important. You can save the virus from spreading and save lives. And wash your hands.

“Hoping and praying for the world to get better,” she added.

Actor Maya Ali posted some tips and tricks to follow at home. She said everyone should clean “door nozzles, switch boards and the things that we touch more often”.

“There is no vaccine that has yet been discovered for this virus, all we can do is self care and follow proper measures. We must take it seriously,” she added, noting that she was worried about the daily-wagers.

“This is not a time to panic and this time too shall pass.”

Model Hareem Farooq, however, talked about “the value of unity”. She said: “We have to come together as nation to fight corona virus and together we can.

“Social distancing is vital to keep yourself, your loved ones and everyone around you safe. Only get out if you REALLY have to. Keep washing your hands regularly for 20 seconds at least,” Farooq added.

“Stay safe everyone.”

Badminton player and former national champion Palwasha Bashir shared a video on Twitter in which she said a very important way to prevent oneself from the novel coronavirus was to stay clean and practice social distancing.

“Every game in the badminton court is a challenge and I give my best to win it, I challenge you all to upload your hand washing videos and play your part,” she said.

“Wash your hands rigorously for 20-30 seconds,” she added, advising her fellow athletes to practice at home. “I, too, am training at home to stay fit.”


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